We work together with our customers worldwide for environmental friendly and sustainable solutions, selecting and using only ECO-Friendly or Sustainable Materials, with special processing and create different kind of Green Products.  With the agreement with lots of our customers for these Green Projects, reduce the using of natural resources to minimize the affect to the Earth Environment.

What we have done?

Reduce the affect to the Environmental, Save the Natural Resource and also avoid the pollution to the air, land and water.

Regular review the Environmental Object, setup the guide line to reducethe influence of the Environment.

Regularly evaluate the effective of our ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS), and make the improvement on it.

Our Goal

Using advanced equipment, with rigorous process and the best technique, to minimize the Carbon Emissions.

With reasonable using of the Nature Resources and energy, building a health and safe environment, meet the requirement of the Global Health & Safety Standard.

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